Terms ScubaCourse.Net
(These conditions apply from 01-01-2017)


1.1. Customer / subscriber / customer / student: the person ordering the materials and / or training and / or trips booked at ScubaCourse.Net
2.1. These terms and conditions apply to all reservations, bookings and purchases made directly or indirectly in ScubaCourse.Net.
2.2. European law applies to all agreements concluded by ScubaCourse.Net.
2.3. The content of our publications changes.
2.4. Any price changes are reserved.
2.5. If the customer also performs general terms, these are for ScubaCourse.Net not binding, unless otherwise agreed in writing.
2.6. If one or more conditions in these general conditions have been wholly or partially invalid at any time or are destroyed, the other conditions of these general conditions will remain in full force.
2.7. If ScubaCourse.Net does not always demand strict compliance with these conditions, this does not mean that its provisions do not apply, or ScubaCourse.Net to any degree would lose the right to otherwise demand strict compliance with the provisions of these terms .
Bookings and agreements
3.1. ScubaCourse.Net only accepts bookings from persons over 18 years. Persons under the age must have written permission from parent and / or guardian.
3.2. Verbal agreements are only valid if confirmed in writing by ScubaCourse.Net.
3.3. When booking a course by a customer, ScubaCourse.Net will within 10 days of booking send a written confirmation by mail with an attached invoice, a medical certificate and a statement Standards of conduct for safe diving, statement of understanding, and in some cases the Risks and Liability Statement.
3.4. The medical certificate and declaration standards of conduct for safe diving practices statement of understanding and if necessary of Risks and Liability Statement must be submitted signed at the start of the training. Under the Spanish Law, it is requested to have a Medical Certificate for any diving practice. See also section 6.3 of these terms and conditions.
3.5. Any inaccuracies or false conditions must be reported within 10 days after the date of the invoice to ScubaCourse.Net.
3.6.Eventual shipping costs are included in the bill.
3.7.Any questions or ambiguities about bookings must be in writing to be contacted to ScubaCourse.Net through info@ScubaCourse.Net
3.8. ScubaCourse.Net is at all times entitled to refuse without giving reasons to enter into a contract or booking
4.1. All quotations are subject to price changes and type and / or printing errors.
4.2. All prices are in Euros and subject to changes in tax rates or other government taxes.
4.3. The invoice is in euros and must be paid in the following 14 days.
4.4. Upon receipt of the invoice amount, the training materials will be sent to the participant.
4.5. Participants who sign up within 6 weeks before the booked training should make the invoice amount immediately over.
4.6. Payments must always be received before the start of the program by ScubaCourse.Net.
4.7. ScubaCourse.Net reserves the right to postpone or cancel the program by late payment without having pay any compensation to the customer. If a course is canceled due to late payment this does not remove the obligation to effect payment of the invoice.
4.8. All costs, both in and out of court arising from a late payment paid by the customer.
4.9. 50% Deposit is required on booking (this is non refundable).
5.1. ScubaCourse.Net advises anyone who participates in training to close a matching insurance with a reputable insurance company.
5.2. ScubaCourse.Net never accepts liability as a result of the absence of such insurance.
5.3. ScubaCourse.Net is FULLY INSURED BY DAN Europe Insurance. Civil liability insurance for the sum of 4.000.000€ (four million) is underwritten by International Diving Assurance Ltd).
Implementation of the agreement
6.1. Implementation of the agreement
6.1. ScubaCourse.Net is committed to implement the agreement on the agreed date, except in cases of force majeure as described in Article 7.
6.2. The participant agrees to the agreed date and time to be present at the location indicated by ScubaCourse.Net, unless otherwise agreed.
6.3. The participant further agrees to submit at the beginning of the training the medical certificate, the certificate of dive conduct and a statement from a doctor.
6.4. Participants must be able to identify themselves.
6.5. The lack of a statement in 6.3 above leads to postponement of the execution of the agreement. The participant will be charged a fix fee of € 100,
7.1. Force majeure to comply with the agreement, on the side of ScubaCourse.Net exists if the execution of the contract in whole or in part, whether or not is temporarily prevented by circumstances beyond the control of ScubaCourse.Net. This includes, threat of war, strikes, blockades, fire, floods and other disruptions or events that are not part of the regular business risks.
Change of date of training by the participant
8.1. After registering, the participant may request amendment of the date on which he or she participates in the program.
8.2. ScubaCourse.Net will, as far as possible meet the request from the participant by writing. If ScubaCourse.Net meets the amendment requested by the participant, the following conditions apply:
8.2.1. ScubaCourse.Net will apply to the participant 10% fee based on the sale price of the training.
8.2.2. If ScubaCourse.Net does not meet the request of the participant or may be, the following conditions apply: The participant can maintain the original agreement or cancel. If the participant chooses to cancel, Article 10 applies. Failing a written reply from the participant to ScubaCourse.Net for the request, the cancellation fee is 100% of the training costs.
Change of date of training by ScubaCourse.Net
9.1. ScubaCourse.Net can change at any time training data unilaterally, without consulting the client and without any financial compensation may be required in the following cases:
9.1.1. When running the program at that time / date / place which is inconsistent with the training institutions General Standards under which ScubaCourse.Net cared for its training.
9.1.2. And by external factors giving the training or meeting the training requirements is not possible or difficult.
9.1.3. If in the opinion of the Instructor occur unreasonable risks (one of) students, himself, his assistant (s) or third parties.
9.1.4. If the customer is not considered capable by the Instructor at the moment to achieve the training objectives.
9.1.5. If the customer has not made preparations given to him, or the homework given to him has not been made.
9.1.6. If the customer reached such a poor score on a theoretical test the next practice session of the general standards of the training organizations, whereby ScubaCourse.Net gives its courses is not allowed.
Cancellation by the participant
10.1. Cancellation is only possible if the participant by mail (info@ScubaCourse.Net) to ScubaCourse.Net announces to abandon the contract. This cancellation will be effective after confirmation by ScubaCourse.Net by mail.
10.2. At cancellation the following conditions apply:
10.2.1. Cancellations only within 10 days of signing the contract.
10.2.2. 50% of training costs due in the period up to two weeks before the training.
10.2.3. Within two weeks before the start of the program due the full training costs.
10.2.4. the participant owes the full training costs for early termination of the program.
Cancellation by ScubaCourse.Net
11.1. ScubaCourse.Net has the right to cancel courses. ScubaCourse.Net participant will receive an e-mail 24 hours before the start of training.
11.2. ScubaCourse.Net participant in common situations will offer an alternative course date. If the participant is not satisfied, ScubaCourse.Net will refund the money paid for the training.
Failure to complete a course in the regular time
12.1. If a candidate can not complete training in the regular prescribed time, there will be additional fees charged. These costs will be discussed with the candidate. These costs have to be paid before the start of the extra lessons.
12.2. The course should be completed in the year of the start date.
Use of equipment materials during training
13.1. The participant is obliged to submit the usual diligence in respect of the materials made available for training by ScubaCourse.Net.
13.2. Lost or stolen, the cost of materials by ScubaCourse.Net will be charged to the participant.
13.3. If materials fail ScubaCourse.Net will only charge the costs to the participant after finding that the breakdown resulted from negligence or that the participant can not be faulted.
14.1. All forms of diving, including courses are risks. The diver is expected to be aware of these risks and accept them as well. By signing the “Declaration of Risks and Liability” gives the customer here demonstrate. ScubaCourse.Net and / or its employees / interns / volunteers or hired freelancers can not be held liable for damage suffered by the customer or third parties, flowing from the risks that are logically connected to the practice of diving.
14.2. In breach of its obligations by ScubaCourse.Net, it will recover damages never exceed the original invoice amount. ScubaCourse.Net will never be liable for consequential damages.
14.3 ScubaCourse.Net accepts no liability for:
14.3.1. Theft, loss or damage of whatever nature, during or as a result of attending a training or using the facilities of ScubaCourse.Net, Hotels, Resorts, Campings, Beaches.
14.3.2. The breaking down or disabling of technical equipment and the closure or decommissioning of facilities at the dive center.
14.4 Participants in courses and those accompanying them are severally liable for all loss and / or damage to ScubaCourse.Net and / or any third party arises as a direct or indirect result of their presence.
Confidential information
15.1. Any information provided to ScubaCourse.Net by the participant is only available for ScubaCourse.Net and therefore will not be provided to third parties unless the law or the training organization ask.
16.1. In case of a complaint, the customer will be onsite and immediately report the issue to the management, to enable ScubaCourse.Net to solve this immediately. If this is not possible, the customer no later than 14 days after the end of the course will submit his/her complaint by email (info@ScubaCourse.Net) to ScubaCourse.Net.
visual material
17.1. If a participant and am, standing on a photo or film used for promotional purposes for ScubaCourse.Net, his consent to the use of the image is suspected in the publication, even if he or she recognized the picture is.
17.2. The customer grants ScubaCourse.Net permission to use material obtained from paragraph 17.1 of charge for promotional purposes including, but not limited to, posting on websites, facebook, flyers or other media used by ScubaCourse.Net.
Stay and / or visit (facilities) ScubaCourse.Net
18.1. While staying at the facilities of ScubaCourse.Net should be obeyed at all times on the instructions given by the staff of ScubaCourse.Net and the relevant pool. Any abuses will be reported directly by ScubaCourse.Net to competent authority and / or police.
Location and change policy
19.1. These conditions are registered with La Junta de Andalucia.
19.2. These conditions are available for inspection published on ScubaCourse.Net website. (Www.scubacourse.net)
19.3. Applicable is the last registered version c.q the version applicable at the time of the conclusion of the legal relationship with ScubaCourse.Net.
19.4. The Dutch text of the general conditions is decisive for its interpretation.